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RE: Guitar Effects (non looping content)

In the UK..

Lexicon Vortex - not made anymore, was available up until maybe 6 months 
ago for around  180-199.00UK ( Turnkey on
Charing Cross Rd in London had them.) I remember hearing that DJ/Dance 
people were buying them, rather than
Guitarists. If this is true you'll find it hard to find one, as the UK is 
dance/club mad,  so the Vortex could go the way
of the TR808 price wise.

E-bow - about 79.00UK available in most guitar shops

Meatball - mail order only, but it's a UK company ( see previous email 
with web addr. )
                Was about 250.00UK last year. You can get one to try out 
and then send it 
                back for a full refund if you don't want it, within a 
certain time of course ..

All the best

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Just got into work, checked my e-mail, and found I was bombarded with 
about effects!

Jeff, I would love to get hold of "RED", but live in the UK - is this a
problem for you? (reply off-list if you like)

This is probably a stupid question: Vortex, E-bow and lovetone MeatBall -
are these stomp boxes, rack mounts or what?  Any ideas how much they are
here in the UK?