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Re: Black boxes

Appreciate all this input.  Let me say a few words...

>how is MIDI any more of a curse than , say, electricity - which is
>truly at the root of all this mildewed computer music..???

Electricity LIVES.  It does not follow any arbitrary rules set by some
organization of musical instrument manufacturers.  Tap into THAT, and
you'll find some truly interesting avenues.  To me, Nicola Tesla's life and
work is a lot more interesting than, say, that of Patrick Moraz.

Computers: one problem I have with the computer in music is the
regimentation it presents.  Gotta dangle that live wire!

>Hey David, sounds like your next medium for developing instruments might 
>software? In other words, defining the problem is a key first step, the 
>is either solving it or complaining a lot, eh?

Nah, Kim, I'm a hardware head--it's just that, with all the computer stuff
going on, I'm hoping for something that I might make use of at some point.
Until then, I'll be bitchin....

I've tried the demo of Metasynth, and will admit that it looks like one of
the best things out there; might even spring for it.  Regarding
Kyma--sounds cool for sure; next time I have $5000 free, I'll think about
it.... (right)

About Mr. Torn: Tripping Over God and What Means Solid, Traveller? are
absolute must-haves....