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Re: Guitar Effects and a little happiness!

Hey Drew,
  Don't give away everything. He needs to use his imagination to truly get
where he is going.
To Steve;
  Stop playing your guitar for about a week and don't think about the
guitar...think about the ways you can get the guitar to sound differently.
If that doesn't work, go check out Henry Kaiser's "Ecletic Electric" video
and/or Adrian Belew's "Electronic Guitar". Those two videos will give you
plenty of ideas.
And to all who think I'm not using my imagination now...I've never tried to
do the sounds they use...mainly because i can't afford to get a $10000 rack
of effects.
Good day, and a better one tomorrow.
Jeff Collins

>Steve writes:
><< I've used delays, distortions, compressors, vocoders etc, but at the 
> the day you can still recognise the sound as that of a guitar.  I'm after
> something really whacky, and I was after some hints. >>
>I'm sure lots of people will have ideas about this, but here are some of 
>ideas for guitar wierdness:
>1: Get an EBow, and a slide.
>2: Turn the mix on your effects all the way to wet--no direct guitar
>3: Consider running your rig through a mixer, so you can feed effects back
>into themselves (especially useful for mod effects).
>4: Chain effects--several distortions in a row will give you certain
>5: Wah pedals are good for bringing out certain freq. ranges. Put
>pre-wah and see what happens.
>6: Never underestimate the power of feedback.
>7: If you don't want it to sound like a guitar, don't play it like a
>8: Consider preparing the guitar in various ways--alligator clips on
>objects inserted at harmonic nodes, etc.
>Hope this gives you some ideas. My main suggestion is just to spend some
>experimenting (that is, if you aren't trying to get something specific).
>Happy tweaking,