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And Eno said........

It is not my intention to reopen this discussion, but here is something 
that might be of interest to this group. I can't remember the exact 
quote but here goes: If you think of art as the name of a type of 
interaction between you and something else as opposed to a quality in 
something, it frees you from all sorts of problems. For example, you 
don't have to decide whether something is or is not art, only if that 
does it for some people people. Some Art, like a hit single, will do it 
for a million people for a month, other art, like a cathedral, will do 
it for several thousand people for several hundred years.
On a more or less unrelated topic, would some kind folks please 
recommend a David Torn disc for a introduction. I have heard Polytown 
which I like, but would like to hear more looping.
Thanks, Dennis

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