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Re: Black boxes,, The Curse Called MIDI...

> From: David Myers <dmgraph@bway.net>
> To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject: Black boxes

a Mac user, and frankly the computer as music tool is something not to
> my taste anyway, so I have not tried Koan.  But every "algorythmic
> composer" or "generative" music program--maybe every music program,
> period--I've ever seen functions on some basic assumptions of what music
............> terrible bore.  I feel that MIDI is a curse which has
extended the reign of
> these dead europeans' ghosts.  

..hmm. how is MIDI any more of a curse than , say, electricity - which is
truly at the root of all this mildewed computer music..???

Why does everyone always blame crappy music, "bad" sounds,  non-original
ideas, etc, on a simple switching/info carrying protocol. with all this
worrying, I'm continually amazed we even have time to.......PLAY !

When i use MIDI to simply switch my gear from a clean reverby patch to a
chorusy distorto patch, or a synth from bells to organ..... how is the
mechanism doing that a curse ??

I just get antsy with such generalizations, i guess. Who exactly anointed
MIDI as the catch all that would do everything including read our minds at
500 GHz ??? It seems any performance short of that deems it worthy of the
trash heap.