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> Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 1998 17:15
> Subject:      Send Your Own Mass E-Mail-Complete Kit
> You can profit from junk e-mail. If your computer is sitting idle while
> you're at work or play...you're crazy! 
> You could be earning money while you're asleep, at work or out having 
> You can make incredible 
> money sending your own mass e-mails. If you own your own business or have
> a product or idea to sell , 
> then you probably know that all advertising works..it's just a question 
> whether it's cost effective or not. 
> What could be more cost effective than a ZERO cost of adverising? If you
> sent out 500,000 e-mails which 
> would take you only a few minutes to set your computer up to do and you
> only recieved one half of one 
> percent response..that would be 2500 people responding to your ad. And 
> cost to do it was NOTHING. 
> Junk e-mail is here to stay, so wouldn't it be nice to laugh every time
> you receive a piece of junk e-mail from 
> someone because you know for every one you receive, you're sending out
> hundreds of  thousands. If 
> your computer is sitting idle while you're at work or play...you're 
> You could be earning money while 
> you're asleep, at work or out having fun. It's not like you have to sit
> there and watch it run!
>      So why isn't every one doing it? Well your local internet service
> provider spent lots of money installing 
> filtering equipment to keep out this so-called junk e-mail and, in fact,
> for years there's been sort of a fun 
> little war going on between the junk e-mail software writers and the
> internet serrvice provider filter 
> software writers to see who could out-smart who.The end result is that
> sending mass e-mails legally has 
> become an art . But it's really all about knowing the secrets and having
> the right software.
>       AVATAR Publishing is offering you the type of expertise and support
> that would take you years to 
> learn. We know all the secrets (obviously or you wouldn't be reading this
> would you?) and we have the 
> software to deliver to most of the internet service providers. So here's
> the offer... AVATAR is offering you 
> a mass e-mail starter kit comlete with step by step instructions on how 
> get started sending out mass e-
> mails...a current explanation of what's legal and not legal...how to
> extract e-mail addresses from the 
> internet ...how to get targeted e-mail addresses...a FREE trial version 
> the most effective mass e-mail 
> software program ever developed...a list of bulk e-mail friendly internet
> service providers....a complete 
> explanation of the secrets of how to legally get your mail through the
> filtering and why it works....and 
> finally a real telephone number so you can have technical support and 
> updated on new developments 
> in the mass e-mail community. The total cost of this kit is only  $29. 
>     If you would like to stop having your computer sit idle while you're
> at work or asleep and start having it 
> make money for you  .....  
>                        Send $29  to:  AVATAR Publishing
> 1000 E.Walnut St.
> Suite 213
>                                       Pasadena,Ca.91106
>                                       - OR -
>                       Order by Phone: (626) 792-1764
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