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Re: Boomerang/EDP different layout

Dennis W. Leas wrote:

> I respectfully point out that this represents "guitar-centric" thinking. 
> As a
> percussionist, I would find a floor based EDP to be extremely 
>inconvenient.  I don't have
> a single "workstation" performance area where I can cluster stomp boxes. 
> A highly
> attractive feature of the EDP, to me, is a centralized rack-mount unit 
>with distributed
> footswitches.  Any keyboardists out there?

As a bit of everything (keys, drum kit, Guitar) I can say the Rack mount
w/separate floor unit is the way to go for me. I can always throw the
small single sapce unit somewhere in the gear for live shows and if I
want to mess with the basic fuctions I stomp on the pedal.

Quite frankly, I used the EDP exclusively in a rack live and have never
used the pedal when playing keys or making noise loops, live samples,
etc. I bought a pedal solely so I could use it while playing bass and
guitar and have only messed around with this a bit in the studio. I
guess that kinda confirms it's "Guitar Centric" uses (in my case anyway)

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