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Fw: New Subject

This subject's not exactly new, but I have some hints.

The external drum machine, (I'm not farmiliar with either of the ones 
mentioned) I take it you want to run it through your PC.  Unfortunately, 
only way you'll be able to do this is to use the drum machine as a MIDI
control unit, but to be honest, the drum samples that come with the AWE 64
are pretty crappy.  I'd suggest hard disk recording your beats and 
them into your sequencer as audio files.  Alternatively, you could upgrade
the memory on your AWE 64 card, and import your own drum samples - this 
probably be easiest and cheapest (24mb upgrade costs around 100 I believe)
way to achieve professional results.

I know it's expensive, but Cool Edit Professional is the best sample editor
around.  It also has some sequencing capabilities, but I'm not sure as to
how effective the sequencer is compared to Cubase VST or Cakewalk.

As far as recording onto CD-R is concerned, the best way I can suggest is 
export your songs as WAV files from your sequencer, buy a copy of ADAPTEC
Easy CD-PRO, which has a facility to convert WAV files to standard audio
tracks, and bobs your uncle - you can burn as many CDs as you like.

I realise this help is pretty vague, but there are plenty of people on this
list with way more expertise on the subject who'll be able to fill in the
blanks, or correct me where I'm wrong.

By the way - I own an AWE 64, which is fine for my needs, but they do have 
tendency to pick up quite a bit of interference from processors, hard
drives, and CD-ROM drives.  As mentioned yesterday, position the card as 
away from all these as possible, or consider another sound card such as the
Turtle Beach.

Hope this helps,

Steve Lauder