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RE: Boomerang/EDP different layout

Yo, I love hands-on analog control via knobs as well! And while the EDP has
a lot of very clever features I find it's biggest disadvantage (correct me
if I'm wrong, I've never actually seen one) the lack of pitch control
(starting with that classic Les Paul 8va/8vb tape speed stuff). For my
music this (and reverse play) is inevitably more important than midi-syncs
etc., because it gives the audience a clear perspective: yes, this is a
technical repetition/variation of previously performed musical material.

I insert the Rang in my effects loop and generally hate flimsy ext. power
units. Still I like to be able to decide 'do I really need the Rang
tonight?' while I pack up for the gig, even depending on my mood that day.
Keeps my rack portable. The 'Thru Mute' can be a real ear burner at the
soundcheck though, since it tends to toggle during transfer.

Ciao, Andreas