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22th Sept. LD-J live!

Hi Loopers,

We making preparations for the live gig "Looper's Delight-J" at 22th
September ,Barton Hall,Hyogo,Japan.
It motif is loopy method music with real time looping  by Japanese atrist 
kansai area.

This live gig will live streaming via Real Audio from Barton Hall.
(maybe address is  pnm://
it need Realplyer 5.0 or later and 28.8K modem or faster for listen.)

Also would like to request some loop materials to LD lists.
it will use in live gig for loops.
If you have interest,please send your sounds for me by cassete,MD,DAT or 
to me.
(Email,FTP is bad..)
deadline is 10th Sept.
I think air mail will arrive by 10days from around the world.
Address is:
Sunao Inami
CAVE Studio
316 Ohshima,Kuchiyokawa
Miki City,Hyogo

I already got a tape from Jeff Collins(he is a menber of LD).
I want to more sounds from loop artists of Internet connection.

I will web page for this live gig,
URL is

I will visit to London 12th to 19th Aug.
I can not read mail till 20th night.

  Best Regards

  Sunao Inami

E-mail                                     cave@osk.3web.ne.jp
URL"cave home"                       http://www.threeweb.ad.jp/~cave/

tel&fax "CAVE Studio"             +81 794 89 5025 Hyogo,Japan

tel&fax "Private"                     +81 794 89 5015 Hyogo,Japan

snail mail address                   316 Ohshima
                                                Miki City