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Re: new way of using samples in live performance

Short, medium, and long volume fades can be created by sending MIDI
program changes 9, 10, and 11 to JamMan from an external MIDI controller
(in my case that would be the amazing Peavey PC-1600x). I also use the
PC-1600x to cue the JamMan loops much like one of those new fangled
phrase samplers. This is where the PC-1600x _greatly_ expands the
possibilities of the J-Man, IMHO.

See pages 26-27 of the JamMan Manual at: 


It has the MIDI implementation chart that shows all of these nice
goodies that are locked up inside.


eric potter wrote:
> >  My setup: I've assigned the buttons on the
> > PC1600 to activate the various tap and fade functions of the JamMan. It
> > expands the JamMan interface by assigning a button to each function,
> > e.g. layer, replace, mute, and fade.
> What Fade function on the JamMan you talkin 'bout? Have I missed 
> -eric