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Live fish.

mark sottilaro wrote:

> Good night folks, you can get the rest at your local library... (and I 
> you do.)

Which caused Lance to write:

>Thanks, but with your astute and enlightening analysis, I think the 
won't be

>-Lance G.

>P. S. I won't be responding to this thread publicly, as I agree it 
>departs rather
>pointedly from the objectives of the list, but I assure Mark his 
will be
>answered personally just as soon as I find the stomach for it.

Oh, I'm sorry Lance.  I didn't mean to upset your delicate sensibilities 
give you a tummy ache.  You're so right, we should stop talking about art 
get right back to pontificating over gear.  I guess I was wrong about words
having to have a commonly agreed upon definition.  We don't need that.

So again I'll apologize.  I'm sure your what you do musically is just as
interesting and emotional as making a really good french fry.  Perhaps 
Vanillie is looking for studio musicians for their comeback album.  You may
want to audition for the project.

Have a nice day.

Mark Sottilaro

P.S.  I'm currently defining "nice" as putting a live fish in your mouth 
trying to kill it with a shotgun.