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another EDP footpedal question

Thanks for all the quick replies!  I have several free catalogs on the way.

Here's another (more challenging) question:

I am trying to figure out how to switch one footpedal between multiple
Echoplex DP's?  Sure, for 2 EDP's, an A/B box works great......for 3
'plexes, 2 A/B boxes can work.  But then, it starts to get confusing,
because I can forget which one I'm on (I usually have to mute the loop to
figure this out).  Also, sometimes I have to hit more than one button to
switch EDP's (& this would get worse, using more EDP's & A/B boxes).

What I envision, is to use several switches (one for each EDP), and by
hitting a (only one) switch, it switches the connection from my footpedal
to that EDP.  (Of course, it would also have to switch OFF the connection
to the previous EDP, as well).    Here are other features that would be
great to have:

1.   a circuit design, so I can build it myself (as opposed to spending $$
for an existing switcher)
2.   expandable design, so I can control as many plexes as I want (or,
rather, as I can afford)
3.   LED's to show  which switch is connected (this would be icing!)

So, any ideas out there?  Any electrical engineers who could whip up a
quick design?  Remember, also, that the EDP footpedal needs to have both
conductors switched, (you can't just switch the hot lead and use a common