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telegraph wires

> I read a book some time past where a person in
> Australia set-up transducers on long telegraph
> lines and "listened" to the environment.
> He spoke of it as a very Zen-like thing, like
> having your nervous system stretching for
> miles across the country-side.  He could hear
> "ticks" as the wire heated up due to the
> morning sun, birds landing on the wire and clouds
> of insects colliding.

this guy is called Alan Lamb, his CD 'Primal Image', the label 'Dorobo 
008'. If 
you're into, say, *very* wild Fripp soundscapes or other more adventurous 
listening, you'll like it. Definitely check it out if you can find it. It 
doesn't contain loops in the strict sense though.

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