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Re: The Feedback Machine story

>Hello John.  Thanks for the interest; I'm curious to know how you found 
>After a hiatus of about five years, I have indeed begun to record some new
>Feedback Music.  Very far from having new material ready for release,
>though I am about done with new sound material to send to Asmus Tietchens
>for his use in a third collaborative project.

Dear David,

Perhaps not the best place and moment to do this but I wanted to share my
appreciation with you for your body of work you've done in the past (from
the outstanding 'Penetrating black ice' to my favorite collaborative works
with Asmus).

We both seem to have an affection as well for the perception of Asmus
Tietchens as well, as I also took up with him the chance to record a new
double album together wherein we expand the possibilities of the
'recycling' method.
Here again, the looping technique remains the most important and
multi-functional aplication.

Good luck on your future recordings.

Dirk (aka Vidna Obmana)