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RE: Test

I'd like to thank everybody who assured me that I am not alone here in 
this cyberocean.  My ISP turned off the e-mail servers for the weekend and 
when it came back there was no Looper e-mail.  I thought the Looper ISP 
had screwed with Kim yet again.

I gotta tell you, I thought it was hilarious the way you all made fun of 
my question "Anybody out there?"  

I also found out tonight that my cable is on the fritz as well; I just 
hope they don't turn off my lights too.

OK -- spark a conversation.  This is not so easy, Kim.  I've found that 
it's very easy to talk about non-looping material, heretical though it may 
be.  I would just like to say I can't get my new soundcard to send MIDI 
out to my drum machine and it's pissing me off.

Apart from that, I'd like all loopers to stop working alone and start 
constructing loops with other loopers, real time.  That's what I want to 
do.  I want a percussionist, a keyboardist, and maybe another guitarist, 
and pipe it all into an Echoplex, and see where that goes.  Everybody can 
choose to send to the loop or just improv on the side.  If there's anybody 
in the Berkeley, Calif., area who thinks this would be interesting, write 


I'd also like to say that I love you all people Loopers.  I really do miss 
you when there's no chatter filtering in through my modem.  Keep looping 
and keep talking.  You make my world (at least) a little better.


Berkeley, Calif.

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| >Anybody out there?
| sure is quiet, eh? If you're feeling lonely without enough Looper 
| talk, you
| could always try posting something to spark up a conversation.....:-)
| kim
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