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Re: The Feedback Machine story

Don't know of Jeff, but must say that my brand of feedback is definitely a
different animal than any sort of guitar feedback.  I speak from
experience, since I also love guitar and have fooled with it a lot.  A
great device for guitar feedback is a "Sustainiac", which maybe you are
familiar with; it taps the git output, amps it up, and feeds a transducer
which vibrates the axe physically.  At least that's how the old ones
worked.  Very effective.  I even have one which I've thought about selling
since I don't use guitar much at all anymore.  I also assume you have used
an Ebow--to me, an essential tool for the guitar.

Schematics, no--sorry.  I've always flown by the seat of my pants, often
doing crude sketches for the job and then tossing them.  But honestly, with
the info I posted and Anderton's book, any of the things I've done can be
accomplished.  The book's old and a bit rudimentary, but I suggest getting
it.  It's still out there....


>I would like to know if you happen to know a fellow named Jeff Stayton? He
>does a feedbacked guitar piece in his "Fear of Open Spaces" cassette. The
>sound is amazing, and i would like to know if perhaps he got that off of
>I would also like to know if i could get a schematic of what you are
>speaking of? For I am also a guitar manipulator who is studying at the 
>the possibilities of prepared guitar.
>I would appreciate any info you can get my way. By the way, thanks for 
>on this list of proud Loopers.
>Jeff Collins