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AW: Computers **(MSP)**

hi James,

> Miller Puckett, the original author of MAX, is working on a similar 
> called "Pure Data" that runs in Windows, IRIX, and Linux.  It's still in 
> early alpha form, but there is already a healthy selection of MIDI and 
> processing functions, and there's an add-on set of functions that allow 
> to integrate realtime OpenGL-accelerated graphics.  If you're curious, I
> recommend playing with the alpha version to see what the future holds.  
> and it's free  :)

This is the best news I've heard for a long time. For Windows! I need a 
based PC for work reasons and can't afford an additional Mac, but I'd 
*love* to 
play with Max. Wonderful!!! You really made my day posting this.

michael peters                   mpeters@csi.com