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RE: Computers **(MSP)**

What exactly is the equipment needed here to reproduce your experiments?  
I think I'll have to get a PowerMac machine -- what CPU, what specs here?

Is the MSP software an individual program, or is it part of the MAX 

I'm really interested in finding the details so I can run some 
experiments.  I've been looking for the very same thing to happen in a 
Pentium II-based machine, but haven't.

Thanks for the info!


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| Subject: Computers **(MSP)**
| Hi loopers,
| I saw the topic of computers come up, and while I have to agree that
| computer synthesis, to this point, has been inadequate (on many 
| counts) for
| musical performance.  There is something you all REALLY need to check 
| It's called MSP ("max signal processing")  and is an extension to the
| programming language MAX tha runs on Power PC macs.


| I imagine you can tell I'm excited about this program.  I have tried and
| tried  to come up with signal-processing or performance tasks that MSP
| could not handle, but I can't.  There isn't a device in my studio whose
| functionality could not, in principle be reproduced in an MSP patch.
| Information on the product can be found at http://www.cycling74.com
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