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Re: Looking for Stereo Analog delay

On Sun, 12 Jul 1998, eric potter wrote:

> >Hmm I don't know of *any* analog dealy that has stereo out. They 
> Actually the crusty old ARION analog delay I mentioned has stereo outs. 
> Fuller for such a product, but he's turned off by analog's 300ms max 
> delay. Or how about  a longer digital delay that decays down to like 2 
> bits or something, crappifying the sound, sorta like the EH 16 second 

The DOD FX96 (echo FX) has a max delay time of 800MS. FWIW the controls
are four knobs: dry/wet mix, delay time, regeration, and tape quialty
which is basically a lowpass filter. this does not operate as any analog
delay I've used before and the tape quality knob seems to affect the
regeration quit a  bit as well so you need to practice with it a bit to
get the effect you are looking for. A freind of mine with an echoplex
swears this can mimic the sound perfectly except that the 800MS is much
shorter than any standard tape loop. 

I think the problem is analog echos don't allow long decay times whereas
digital echos sound s bit too clean for most people's tastes. While not
perfect I'd say the FX96 might do the trick but strongly advise anyone to
try it first to see if it's what you want.

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