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Creamware Scope - computer based looping?

Has anyone else checked out the upcoming Scope system from Creamware and
theorized about its potential for realtime looping applications?

For those who don't know, it's basically a souped-up DSP card that goes in
your PC or Mac, with 2.7 gigaflops of power (or more with add-on cards),
which does
synthesis, sampling, effects, mixing, etc., all realtime, with modular 
you can connect however you want, building your own synths and effects and
multi-I/O studio setups.

At least from the hype I've read thus far, it seems like it would be
possible to create your own customized realtime computer-based looper with
this system.  According to Creamware, it's a completely modular system - 
just place modules on a virtual workspace and connect however you want, and
you can even go into the individual modules and tweak them to your specific
needs.  Almost all parameters are controllable in realtime via MIDI.  You
can build your own customized user interface for the devices you create.
It's multi-I/O, so you can have a number of busses, aux sends, and whatnot
connecting your devices, both virtual (in Scope) and physical (via a
multi-I/O interface).

I could be wrong about the looping potential, but the buzzwords that caught
my attention were "realtime", "control", "modular", "customized", etc..

Anyone have any opinions about this, or know of any other sources of
information on Scope besides the Creamware site
(http://www.creamware.com/Seiten/scope/clframe_scope_scope0.htm) and the
report at Harmony Central