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Re: Echoperplexing Questions

Greetings Loopers, 

First post to this list, and about to make the leap and purchase the
Echoplex Digital Pro.

Couple of questions to you all (mainly because most of the retailers in
my physical and/or electronic vicinity don't have many answers):

1) What's the max. amount of memory that can be added to this unit?

2) What's the ratio of Mb to recording time?

3) A retailer has two units on their 'cryptic' product list, one called
the Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro, which lists for $999.00, and another
called the Oberheim OYEP0001 Digital Pro which lists for $879.00. Anyone
have a clue about the difference?

4) Last but not least, the best retail price I've found so far is
$649.00 (4 Mb, sans footpedal controller, which is another $119.00) from
zZounds in Chicago (found thru Harmony Central). Anyone know of a better

Thanks in advance,

Lance Glover (aka Wafflehead)

PS Howdy to B. Moreland (re 'backwards' thread on vs880 list several
months back)