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Re: Oberheim Drummer (was: Loopinh Ensembler)

At 05:43 PM 3/30/98 -0500, R & T Cummings wrote:

>Interestin' that the good ol' Reverend ;-) should mention this - I often
>have to deal with these sorts of problems - being a drummer/ 
>I found the following on the Oberheim Drummer page - this sounds like one
>HELLO OBERHEIM PEOPLE. I have a question: how does this *actually* work?
>I'm any old good drummer whose subject to the odd tempo fluctuation - I am
>practising to correct this though :-) . Can I load drum samples to the Obi
>Drummer? Thanks in advance!

well, I'm not an Oberheim person, and I don't know how the drummer works,
but I do know that it is just a midi device. It's not a sampler and doesn't
have onboard sounds. It's essentially a drum sequencer, with some
interesting other features to make it more of a live device. (I guess).  
would use it for triggering sounds on another device, which means you can
use any sounds you like, but you wouldn't be loading those sounds into the
drummer. I never used one, so I don't know much else about it other than
what's in the brochure. I always though it might be interesting though. 
part of that mysterious family of Oberheim products that includes the
strummer and cyclone.

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