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Re: Expression pedals to use with Digitech PMC-10

Ed Drake wrote:

>How do you PMC-10 owners use yours in your looping or other setups?

I think I found a good way to to logically program the PMC for my use

for each instrument you want to reach you make up a template bank with
the patches for realtime access (only realtime acces no pg ch)
I use only 5 banks that are organized in a set 
the inc is used to go from one effect "page" to another, each page only
being 2 inc or dec foot presses away
the advantages of having few banks to handle thru the performance is
that you have nailed down the location of all the parameters you
normally use and are able to instinctively jump to it fast

for me it is easyer to remember 40 logically setup midi board locations
than prepare a bank per song where you also have to remember where the
functions are on the pedal board and be limited having not acces on the
spot to a unexpected parameter you wanted to torture

that is for the realtime part.
For the program changes I have an aditionnal "page,Bank" that is set up
in sequence Bank Mode wich handles the overall song, prg changes

how do you implement the realtime and prog change actions for multiple
effects ?
the world must know >)