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Re: where DAW

> And yes, looping with DAW setups is completely on topic for this 
> you want to discuss it, just go ahead and start!
Well if you insist... I have been lurking here for awhile with out
speaking up much. What I do is not exactly looping. I have always used
my home studio stuff to sort of jam whit myself. I'll come up whit a
guitar bit and then find bass lines or other guitar dubs to go with it.
I currently have Cakewalk running with a dman2044. Cakewalk has allowed
me more of the freedom that the jampeople and echoplex persons enjoy,
but not with the same freedom. My attempts to use the art x-15 to
control cakewalk like a jamguy/echothigy have not been successful (I
have a gift for understatment). And my love of the sounds and music of
the likes of Mr. Torn have left me surfing the net all to often looking
for the best price on a echoplex. Well even if I don't get much from the
jamman echoplex tech advice threads, the mailing list is still a great
bit for me. I like the creativity/compositional threads (ever surching
form more musical idealologys to try). From the time I first typed
'subscribe' I have thought many times, these people are some of the most
creative, inteligent and just plan old weird musicians on the net.

Play on,