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Re[4]: ProjeKct 2 @ Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA...

     Hi Travis...
     I have to say, I was thrilled to hear them do exactly what they did. 
     saw Crim play when they were here, and liked that for what that was 
     well. Meself... I kind of prefer hearing them tap dance in real time!
     In regards to rough sketches vs. finished product. I believe Fripp 
     been very vocal about working fast with limited takes in the studio 
     better capture true musicical moments as opposed to canned rote 
     performances. (This is a pretty polarized way of putting it). 
     Does that imply that Crimson with it's highly composed elements is 
     actually the most restrictive setting for Fripp and possibly at odds 
     with his real-time playing philosophy?
     I thought that the earlier comparison to Miles early 70's stuff was 
     pretty cool. Not that I would reference the jazzy synth lines he 
     played as the most direct linkage to that music... I'd say P2 was 
     closely related by their distinct lack of structure and stream of 
     consciousness approach. Anyone can play cheesy faux bop, but that 
     doesn't necessarily breathe Miles' magic into it. I give P2 a lot of 
     credit for their liquid jamminess!
     PS: I think there's another band out there called U2 (formerly UnIt 
     who Fripp copied the P2 name from! How unoriginal. I believe I heard 
     him playing a couple of licks from the Zoozopa release as well. tsk, 
     tsk! 8->

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: ProjeKct 2 @ Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA...
Author:  "T.W. Hartnett" <hartnett.t@apple.com> at INTERNET
Date:    3/24/98 5:15 PM

>Hmmm....Miko hinted at this too I think.  I've been pondering this idea of
>"re-inventing" yourself musically.  Is it responsible or proper for an
>artist to take his or her rough sketches out on the road to present it to
>his/her audience?  Or is it more responsible to refine the work and 
>it as a finished product?  As humans, I know that part of the experience
>and joy of reaching a new level or obtaining a goal is the journey
>itself....but...don't you feel cheated when someone presents you with
>something that is less than you know they are capable of producing? 

Not if there's been extensive discussion of the unrehearsed, 
improvisational nature of the gig.  It would be unexpected (but not 
unwelcome to me) if this happened at a King Crimson gig, but the ProjeKct 
shows have been publicized as improvisational events.  If you want 
preplanned pieces, go to a Crimson gig, or buy the record.  

I don't think Fripp, Gunn and Belew are holding anything back, or viewing 
this as an easy way out.  I think that the ProjeKct shows are what they 
are capable of producing at that point, with no pre-planning.  Not all of 
it may be to one's taste, but that's the risk of attending that sort of