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ProjecKt 2 @ Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA...

     ProjecKt 2 w/Fripp, Belew and Gunn was pretty awesome friday night! 

     Pretty slammin' grooves with a *LOT* of bottom end. Fripp's setup 
     4 TC 2290's as well as at least one Eventide Harmonizer really throws 
     the gauntlet for versatility and functionality. The Switchblade audio 
     patcher will repatch you in any order; do smooth x-fades, etc. 
     a couple grand, but nothing else even comes for versatility. I didn't 
     get a great view of his pile on the floor, but he is using the 
     Rocktron All Access controller. I didn't see the Ground Control. I 
     also didn't manage to see what his preamps were. Can anyone else help 
     It's obvious that either Fripp or some slaving techie type has 
     programmed the hell out of all of his boxes! He gave his pitch 
     transposers a very heavy workout. And what a mess on the floor. 
     Belew and Gunn came on and Wham... they were grooving over the 
     mutating loops. Belew was the *drummer* for this project.
     I didn't manage to get over to Gunn's gear, but he sounded great as 
     well. I'd like to know if they had their clocks synched... Gunn would 
     quickly throw down a bottom loop and begin grooving over it as well 
     soloing in the higher registers at times.
     Fripp was there early, looping away while all the gear freaks crawled 
     around the front of the stage like army ants. Nice spacey, complex, 
     intricate webs of sound. Synth as well. This went on for around a 
     hour, with the crowd looking like a gang of implantees from the 
     X-files, all out in a field waiting for the mother ship.
     They played an encore... Vroom, with Fripp using a xylophone patch 
     from his git-synth. Pretty silly. The song still sounded good though. 
     This tour is a good one to catch if you really need a dose of pure 
     Fripp guitar rippage. Mostly big fat loopage over pounding grooves 
     with lots of high voltage soloing by Gunn and Fripp. This show came 
at a   
     good time for me, after all that *other* Fripp discussion!
     PS: My wife Katie and I were able to hook up with fellow LD 
     contributor Laurie Hatch and her SO Rem! We had a great time at a 
     great show. Loop collaborations in the near future are imminent...