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Re[2]: What I'd love from a next-generation looper

In a message dated 98-03-19 15:39:35 EST, Miko wrote:

<< Bob Sellon's JamMan / MuttMax mods are very interesting. Bob has added
<<several new mods to the JamMan... Recordable "Channels" which play 
<<simultaneously with their own volume and pan parameters as well as 
<<number of repeat values to infinity. (This allows for a main 
<<loop bed, with the ability to trigger defined repetitions of other 
motifs for 
<<plot / loop development.) CC control over the panning of these various 
<<channels to get things moving around. (Am I correct in this cc matter, 

<What??!! Are there JamPup options I don't know about? Am I the only guy 
<gal, but I'm a guy--you understand) who is running a lowly plain old 
<Info please! Are these mods archived on the LD site?
<Drew W.

Hi Drew,

Actually, it's more like only a few testers have the mods at this point.

Bob has continued to work on software mods for the JamMan, but it sounds 
his schedule is maxed out with Lexicon (day job) projects, and that it's a 
job to finish his "fun" JamMan / MutMax stuff. Being a discontinued 
probably makes it a little harder to get fully bonkers over the *future* 
potential of JamMan mods! 8-> 

FWIW: here's the STEC (Bob Sellon) URL: