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Re: R: What I'd love from a next-generation looper

Thanks for the comments, Looping Uncle!

>Here's why I'd like a lot a fade in/out *software* feature on the EDP!
>(LoopIII 5.1? eh eh eh...)

Yes! Yes! That would be great. 

>2) Changing tempo. This (technically called *time stretching*) is a 
>thing, but it requires a lot (really a lot) of computing power, in order 
>be made in real time. The processor of the EDP simply cannot stand such
>algorythms. That's a really interesting thing, but you'll find it on much
>more expensive devices (or on personal computers: I've just seen ACID from
>Sonic Foundry at the Musikmesse...).

Could you tell us more about what processors do time stretching? Are any of
them usable in a real-time, live performance setting? How many billions of
dollars (or lira) are we talking about?