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Phantom Ringing

I thought I was crazy for years hearing occasional high-pitched ringing
tones, until I realized I'd rented a room next to Robert Fripp.  Yes,
this was a joke.

I was a part of a very loud rock band during most of the 1980s and
early 1990s.  The last couple years I used earplugs all the time and
it really helped, but some of those early years probably did untold
damage yet unrealized (we considered it a point of pride back in '84
that we pegged a friends' Radio Shack db meter.  Oh boy.)

Anyway, since '92 I've been doing mostly solo stuff at conversation
level - my Boogie Studio preamp lets me get a SCREAMIN' tone if needed
yet at conversational levels.  I don't miss the blast of wind from my
combo amp, either, but is used sparingly.