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Re: Smaller Speakers

tbajus wrote:

> Sean T Barrett wrote:
> >
> > >And forget about putting anything other than guitar sounds
> > >through it, the amp colors it too much.
> >
> > Umm... so why do people put up with this for guitar?
> > I don't understand the amp obsession.  Why not learn
> > to love the sound of something other than the strange
> > coloring traditional guitar amps provide?
> Why play guitar at all?  Keyboards are much better- they have a better
> range, you can play bass lines, melodies, and countermelodies all at the
> same time time, they can have more sounds, you can plug the output right
> into the PA and use the club's monitors, they have sequencers, etc, etc
> , etc.

Why play guitar?Cause it will make sound that no keyboard will ever make.

> My problem is that I like the flaws in guitar sounds- the little
> scraping of strings against the fret, finger noise.  Most of the
> modellers seem to dig the generic LA session musician's tone.
> Yeech.  Give me a Neil Young preset, or a Greg Ginn patch.
> Trevor

Thats what I mean.