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Re: Smaller Speakers

Sean T Barrett wrote:
> >And forget about putting anything other than guitar sounds
> >through it, the amp colors it too much.
> Umm... so why do people put up with this for guitar?
> I don't understand the amp obsession.  Why not learn
> to love the sound of something other than the strange
> coloring traditional guitar amps provide?  

Why play guitar at all?  Keyboards are much better- they have a better
range, you can play bass lines, melodies, and countermelodies all at the
same time time, they can have more sounds, you can plug the output right
into the PA and use the club's monitors, they have sequencers, etc, etc
, etc.

Because it sounds good.  I don't think that it much matters that
guitar+amp is 'traditional' (though something only 40 years old sounds,
in the grand scheme of things, fairly modern to me), only that it somes
closest to letting us express the sounds we here in our head.

> What is wrong with Stanley Jordan's tone (I've never
> heard it)?  Is it just not-what-you're-used-to?
> Would you complain if it was coming out of a DX-7?

Probably more so.


>    cheesy analog synths (trying to imitate real sounds, very poorly)
>    samplers (trying to imitate real sounds)
>    new-fangled digital analog synths (trying to imitate the cheesy 

I like how analog synths sound.  I prefer it when instruments sound like
what they are: drum machines that sound like drum machines, synths that
sound like synths, guitars that sound like guitars, effects pedals that
make odd noises (ok, maybe that doesn't fit).  It would be nice if they
would make analog synths that were digitally controlled rather than
digital synths trying to sound like  analog ones.

> I guess the VG-8 attempts to balance this line--allowing
> precise emulation of all sorts of guitars and amps while
> also allowing new, never-before-heard things to be done
> to it... but in general the process bugs the heck out of me.

Hey, if I had the money/time, and left to my own devices, I would
probably play with a Joe Perry style battery of amps, but if somebody
can come up with a little box that gives me those sounds, more power to

My problem is that I like the flaws in guitar sounds- the little
scraping of strings against the fret, finger noise.  Most of the
modellers seem to dig the generic LA session musician's tone.

Yeech.  Give me a Neil Young preset, or a Greg Ginn patch.