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SV: Light PAs, analog/digital recording/Thanks

>        Re: recording.  I've literally worn my old 4-track out.  I keep
>hearing that digital recording is sterile compared to analog, but am
>considering going to minidisc rather than a new cassette format for
>recording live performance.  Anyone willing to share their experience?

HI Grover , I am a diehard minidisc fan and was about to bring the subject 
One of the main plusses I see with the format is the price and ease of 
use. You can edit it
and remove all the nasty stuff you don`t want. In norway a 74 minute disc 
cost less than half of what
a new cd costs. (Im talking cd an artist produced here , not CDr....)

The downside to minidisc is that in order to fit so much audio on each 
disc the remove A LOT from the input
signal. That is, they move frequesies above and below our hearing ability. 
And things that the ear can`t hear
in the musical context is also removed. For instance: When that big 
drummer pounds his crash cymbal so hard that
everyone hits the deck runnin` your funky lil` E9 strum you hit at the 
same time will be removed. (Don`t ask me HOW
they do it , they just do , seemingly....)
The result of all this is that only 10 percent of the original signal is 
left. Yep , you heard me ; 10 percent!

The Minidisc also sport a heavy compressor. This can be a problem for 
those audio philes that insisit no NO coloration.

For me , none of this is a problem. I use my Minidisc as a "mastering 
device" for my weird little computer music. I have 
cubase audio and a soundblaster awe 32 so I`m not really in a position to 
be picky....:-)
I also use the discman as a dictaphone , recording 1on1 guitarlessons I 
attend , or tape rehearsals with bands.
For me it works out great , for some it wouldn`t.

The bottom line , as I see it:  You might not want to master you Studio 
album on it , but for those who want
a reliable , digital and affordable ReCording device couldn`t go wrong.

Yours , Thomas W

PS. In my humble opinion the minidisc format actually sound WARMER than 
most digital recordings I have heard.
Any of you feel the same?  ( Meet me at the corner of 52nd at