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In a message dated 3/12/98 12:09:35 PM, KIM wrote:

<<oh, for all you guitar players, I think we established some time ago that
guitar amps just don't cut it for more than simple loops. They just aren't
designed for more complicated sounds and get too muddy. I use a boogie
triaxis/2:90 combo with EV 200W speakers for my guitar, which can be very
clean, but still nothing compared to a PA. And forget about putting 
other than guitar sounds through it, the amp colors it too much.



We have JBL Eons...which are just grand.  But we also monitor and fool 
with AR powered partners speakers through a Chameleon preamp, and a Rivera
stereo TBR-1 head through all kinds of speakers...including...and man do 
tweeters go out...Radio Shack Optimus LX-5 with Lineaum tweeters.

Anyway, the Rivera head sounds the best, with all the gadgets running 
it's effect loop and it has double lines out to the PA as well as regular
power lines out for speaker...but it's a dilemma which speakers to hang off
the power outputs.  The little hifi radio shack guys don't have punch and
crunch, and if you hit them hard with something unexpected, the woofers 
go CRACK...but they're nice at coffee house volumes and you get addicted to
"hi fi" tweeters doing mobius like loops in stereo with the Lexicon 

In short, a good pa is a great thing and they have definitly gotten better,
more affordable and lighter, but we crave a new guitar speaker design that
would have BOTH great tweeters (make that footswitchable on/off great
tweeters) and guitar like crunch and punch...and put those great speakers 
in a
LIGHT stereo cabinet please.

the LoOpDoctOrs