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RE: Gear aquisition(dreams)

>as Patrick said:
>"I remember seeing the ad for the Jam Man a few months before they were
>the stores. A slaes rep at Chuck Levin's told me this was a fairly
>practice to get us talkinga bout the gear."
>Like they needed that! We even talk about gear that doesn't exist!
>Olivier Malhomme
You are so right!  How about this one:
An effect that actually REMOVES frequecies from the signal! so what you 
are left
with is a tone that sounds like......a laser beam!!!!!!!  Wouldn`t that be 
E-bow that through my jamman and build chordscapes that sounds like 
without the root present. Then I can Whammy it 2 octaves down to sound 
like a robot!!
Or too octaves up to call on the dogs  ( and annoy women!)...........and 
then Auto wah
Sweet dreams , Thomas W