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ears & more

>In a person with healthy hearing, when two tones fairly close in frequency
>are played, a third tone can be heard. If the two input tones are F1 and 
>the third tone will be 2F1 - F2. This is called the cubic difference tone.

Now this is really getting off topic I guess, but with all the talk here
about ears & perception of sound I'd like to ask the following of you
intelligent people:

do you hear a sound in your head?

I've gotten some very interesting answers to this question, usually from
musicians and artists.  To be clear, I don't mean tinnitus or any similar
malady.  I believe that John Cage called it the sound of the nervous system
working.  Different people's perception/non-perception of the phenomenon is
quite varied and curious.

I may have asked this question before on this list, can't remember; if so,
please excuse the redundancy.  Deja vu is also a very interesting
phenomenon (though a bit of a stretch for the Looper's list, eh?).

David Myers