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Re: Setup Time for Loop Rig

My entire setup (Ensoniq DP/4+ and Mexicon Yam-man)  is mounted in a
4-space SKB rack with a 1-space connector panel for the MIDI, CV, and audio
interfacing.  My Rolls MIDI Wizard and CV pedal travel in the SKB rack.
Since the connections are all on the front, I leave the rear lid on the SKB
and set it face-up on the
stage, which allows me to clearly see the displays. The Wizard is phantom
powered through the MIDI cable.
 Setup and soundcheck take less than five minutes, and I can usually
carry-on my entire rig, including the Steinberger, when flying as they will
fit in an overhead compartment.

-Chuck Zwicky

At 04:58 PM 3/7/98 -0500, you wrote:
> I was wondering how long it takes everyone to set up at a gig with their
>looping rig- anyone have any time/space saving advice???
>Dave Eichenberger