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RE: Future loop music -- What will it sound like & Where will it come from?

Adding a wrinkle to the "What will the future of loop music be / sound

A while back I was asking if there was anyone who represented the 
of loop-based music."  When, basically no-one was offered up as being a
light showing the way I thought, "Oh well, maybe my question wasn't
understood.  I mean, SOMEONE must be breaking new ground."

But, recently it occurs to me there may be another "way" forward.  What if
there is no galvanizing personality / talent - a Jimi Hendrix or a Miles
Davis - that seems to lead the way.  What if there is a galvanizing "wave"
or "movement" or "scene"?  

An example of this idea would be "Electronica."  Certainly it's a new
phenomenon to see such popular music selling so well with so few
recognizable names.  Here we have a style that seems to have emerged 
a "leading-light" of star talent, but rather a wave / style / movement of
folks all kicking around a bunch of related ideas.


To which I received 

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        Well, this brings to mind way back in 66,67 when I was a 
our band
        played the friday night battle of the bands in Wichita Falls,Tex.at
the local
        YMCA.We were playing Young Rascels,Animals,etc.and we wondered 
this same
        basic question.Then Jimi came out 'and the fuzz tone and well you
might get the
        picture,he was somebody who summed it all up and made all those
styles into
        something that captured the imaginations and soul of an entire
generation where
        nothing like it had been before.
        Where is the next Jimi?
        David Kirkdorffer wrote:

        > Gosh.  I tried asking this to a few forums (including L-Delight) 
month or
        > two ago.  The best answer I got was from a philosopher friend.
        > She pointed out the question of the day we're all facing is this:
What is
        > the desirable role / place for technology?  So, my speculation is
one key
        > feature we'll find in all our "innovators of tomorrow" will be
        > in the way they address using technology.
        > David Kirkdorffer
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        >         Subject:        Future loop music (was: Love lorne
        >         Where is loop based music going? What directions will it
be taking
        > in the
        >         future? Not the gear, but the music itself! What
        >         improvisational, cultural, etc. directions are things
heading in?
        >         kim
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