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Re: Setup Time for Loop Rig

> I was wondering how long it takes everyone to set up at a gig with their
>looping rig- anyone have any time/space saving advice???

Unloading time: ten minutes (car to stage, use a dolly)
Setup time: ten minutes.

I've found it useful to:

* Rack and fasten everything down.
* Don't have loose, delicate crap (pedalboards without cases, 
footcontrollers rattling around loose, etc).  Everything should be in a 
robust case WITH GOOD HANDLES.
* Wheels on all cases, dolly everything else.
* Clearly label all cables, use the same cables for connections each time.
* Bundle the bunch of cables you probably have going between the stuff at 
your feet and the gear in your rack.
* Always put everything away in the same place.
* Space allowing, always set everything up in the same place (relative 
position of pedals, speakers, etc).
* Coil all cables neatly and secure them with velcro ties.
* Put a nightlight in the back of your rack, for when you're trying to 
make all those connections in a semi-dark stage before the show.
* Put very colorful markings on the jacks in your rack to make it easy to 
find which of many inputs you need to connect to.  Consider blocking off 
unused connections with tape to prevent accidental misconnections.
* Book a lot of gigs.  Practice is the best way to learn to quickly 

Travis Hartnett