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Re: SV: contestant nr2: prog rock--is it homoerotic?

buzzard wrote:
>Well... people have talked before about the
possibility of visual accompaniment for loops...
I've always been pretty down on the idea because
visual looping pretty much has to be static
(I think video feedback might be more analogous)...
but there _is_ an industry of visual "loops" [1]...
so if you really want we could connect this
topic back to looping I'm sure...<

Hey, our band sometimes plays with a video *scratcher* 
who mixes his stuff on top of our music. He works with 
pre-recorded cut-up videos and "blends" them together.
Anybody else doing this? Interestingly, people come up 
to us after the show saying that they understood 
all sorts of symbolic stuff etc. - none of which was intended.
It seems that *loopy* music fits really well with videos - I
hope that it has nothing to do with said auduence's 
substance abuse/ overuse. People just make their own 
associations between image and sound - fascinating.