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contestant nr2: prog rock--is it homoerotic?

Kim , you have a gift with starting the best threads!!  on the 
thingy I have this to say: (consider me contestant nmr 2.)

Ever since Eddie Van Halen came on the scene in the late 70`s and up to 
the breakthrough
of Nirvana in the nineties the commercial guitarculture has been largely 
homoerotic in use
of image And musical content. I am refering , of course , to that group of 
guitarists affectionately called "wankers",by the commoners. Most , if not 
all heavy/rock bands of the eighties sported a guitarist withmakeup and 
tight leatherpants. This is not that important too me , after all , 
fashion changes.
But musically , the popular way of playing guitar between Van H and 
Nirvana is built on
speed and intensity. The ideal beeing that Mysterious Warrior that came in 
from the storm with his Axe in hand , Ready To Rock (tm) at any moment. 
Unleashing viscous and erupting
runs and licks. A Punisher , A Wildman , A demon!!!!    Macho , macho , 
macho was very important.Not to mention macho.  If you add these ideals to 
the image of the guitarists with
Thight leather pants , big pouting red lips , steelchains around the waist 
 and a guitar that looks like its made to penetrate bodily cavities , 

Homoerotic expression. 

There , this is what I have to say on the subject.....:)   

yours , Thomas W  ( the norwegian viking , axe in hand , ready to rawk at 
any mo.....)