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Future loop music (was: Love lorne whiners)

Kim wrote:
>Where is loop based music going? What directions will it be taking in the
future? Not the gear, but the music itself! What compositional,
improvisational, cultural, etc. directions are things heading in? Will it
find more or less of a place in popular styles? Will it find more or less
a place in 'high art' styles? What will it be? What might the loop
innovators of tommorrow be doing? Remember, its a music question, not a

Well, I guess as soon as we snobby middle-class frat boys realize that 
looping has ALREADY found a place in popular styles (hip-hop, techno,
house, blues, african drumming), we'll be on to the next frontier of *smart
music. And you'd better believe that I'm waiting for sum otha boys to come 
'n' have a look at my rig ...  ;-)


P.S. my girlfriend's been reading the love lorne loopers thread secretly