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Guitar thru analog synth filters

Chers amis

This is the way to wake up those sometimes to sleepy loops
I'm using a Waldorf 4 pole filter box which is in short an analog synth
without the sound generating part vco (thats the stage you hit when you
use those audio inputs in the moog or any good analog synth) what's left
is a
vca, vcf, envellopes, lfo, panner, and a lot of modulation source and
my use of it is mostly by preparing different types of modulation and
triggers midi controler loops that i finally feed to a old alesis mmt 8

some descriptions (heres my global english try )

-16/th note choping of my playing (chords, finger picking, E bow....)
with a random pan position of every 16th note (1 to 4 bars cycles)
gives a great gamelan type music when you play repetitive material.

-Random medium resonated filter rythms (you can even ask your drummer to
create the grooves) sounds like a sequenced phaser 

-Sequenced wha wha (ala Zappa _ship ahoy_ on the shut up and play your
guitar album)

-Filter sweeps over x bars (remember you're playing locked to the

stop talking about your secrets says my gilfriend over my shoulder ;-)