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Re: those pesky trademarks

At 12:04 AM 2/12/98 -0500, Jeff Schwartz wrote:

>Oh yeah, I noticed in the new Guitar World a letter from 
>Eventide asserting their trademark on the word 
>"harmonizer." Where do I go to register the words 
>"distortion," "reverb," "delay," "sampler," etc.?

To register a trademark, you go to the Patent and Trademark Office of your
respective country, fill out forms, pay fees, etc. Some additional 
to get it international. If the word has already been used in product 
you won't get it. So your choices here probably wouldn't fly. Eventide, on
the other hand, probably does have a trademark on "harmonizer" since they
have been making products with that name for a long time, certainly before
anyone else was. 

Matthias, as it happens, registered the word "Loop" internationally for
music, audio, and media products quite a long time ago when he first 
working on these things. That trademark is now owned by Aurisis Research,
our little loopy company, and is the name for our software. That's why the
echoplex says "Loop" when you turn it on. With any (or a lot of) luck, 
of stuff will say that when it turns on, and we'll be like dolby or
something. (well, I can dream....)  Oh, and our massive, well-financed 
department is ready to take names and kick butt, so watch yerself. :-)

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