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Different EBows was Re: Another NAMM Report

>Ok, so what are the differences between the old EBow and the new one? I am
>just about to order one, does the new one sound different? I have heard 
>original EBows had a more mellow tone, the current ones more "harsh" or
>overdriven. Please elaborate!!!

As far as I know there are 3 previous generations of EBow, not including
this new "octave up"one, which are distinguishable by physical
characteristics as well as sonic ones. The original ones were the chrome
ones, which I've never tried but I hear were the mellowest in drive and
weakest in sensitivity (starting the string vibrating). These are very hard
to find and I don't have any idea what the price would be if you did. The
2nd generation EBows (my first) were distinguished by being made of black
plastic with a red EBow logo. These had more drive and a higher
sensitivity. The most recently available EBow (3rd gen) are also black
plastic but with a white logo on the outside. These have about the same
drive as the red EBows but have even more sensitivity. I have a red and a
white model. This sensitivity difference between the two is noticeable, as
I use one a lot with an acoustic electric steel string guitar, and the
white one starts the string vibrating much more quickly than the red
without having to hammer the left hand notes down as hard.

I don't know if this new "octave up" one is even available yet, as I know
often at NAMM, companies demo new gear and take orders for it but you don't
actually see it for sale for a while. Does any one know when it will be
available and what the price will be and are there any other differences
other than the "octave up"?