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Re[2]: craft project

I use the Digital Music GCX Expander. It has 8 switchable relay audio 
(send and return) which also have inputs and ouputs. Very flexible. It 
responds to CONTROL CHANGES though, so for some of you with cheesy 
function midi pedals LOOK OUT! This has been a very reliable product which 
NEVER betrayed me. That's nice in a product! No matter how much I like the 
whiz bang stuff in my rack, nearly all have gone south at one point or 

It's part of their Ground Control product line. I use the Digitech PMC-10 
pedal though. The Ground Control just didn't seem to have enough memory. 
sell a memory upgrade which at least approaches the capacity of the PMC-10.

They have another product called the System Mix. A 1sp rack mixer with 
inputs, 2 parallel busses with mix controls on the front panel, a midi 
port... and a stereo Cab Tone speaker emulator which received favorable 
recently. (I believe in Guitar Player.) It also has 2 midi controlled 
VCA's for 
volume control of the mixer without the long cable runs. I have to see and 
one for any further impressions. (I'm always skeptical.)



>By the way, MIDI Solutions will reportedly be shipping the R8 in
>February--it's a 1U rack-mounted midi-controlled giz with eight relays 
>open and close eight 1/4" jacks.  Thus, you can control stuff that uses a
>1/4" phone-plug footswitch via midi.  (http://www.midisolutions.com).  
>might be a solution to rack spaghetti for some of us.  (I want one for my
>Mesa/Boogie V-Twin, and there'll still be two jacks left over to run, 
>the fog machine and the disco ball...)

I've been using the Rockman MIDI Octopus for that.  I've got two, they're 
half-rack units, really easy to use.  They're out of production, but 
they're easy to find used for under $100.  And no wall-wart.

Travis Hartnett