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Re: New to looping/processing

In a message dated 98-01-19 10:31:31 EST, you write:

>  Hi,
>  I'm an acoustic guitarist/singer/composer and I'm getting interested in 
>  concept of looping and processing the acoustic guitar.  I'm intrigued 
>  the idea of extending my solo guitar and voice concept to incorporate 
>  sounds, textures, and rhythms via electronics.
I too am an acoustic guitarist who is actively using a JAMMAN for live
I added the memory upgrade of which I now have 32 seconds of delay time.  
audiences hear the loops, they are very surprised due to the fact that the
tones are very serene as well as somewhat hypnotic.  My guitar is handmade 
which I use Martin Thinline Pick-ups, the guitar is Koa back and sides 
with a
Cedar top.  I run into a CRATE 125D acoustic guitar amp which gives 
sound reproduction.
>From that, I run the line level output to the Jam man input, the jamman 
>to the
Mackie board and then on to output eq and an Alesis Stereo compressor.  

The guitar and pickup provide a very bright sound which is then mixed with
Crate's digital delays (about 16 choices in all, all sound very nice).  I
remove most of the mids to avoid a tunnel sound and then run the entire mix
through a switiching amp to Community speakers.   Altogehter, a very nice 
up.  I do have some noise from the Crate but am able to filter it on the
output eq. 

I am set up for full stereo operation and had toyed with the idea of 
the dry mix to the left and the jamman to the right, but didn't care for 
sound too much.
I have an RDS8000 which could give me a cheap-man's stereo (additional 
to one side) but have not had the chance to try it out yet. 

As far as pickups, each to his own.  In the high-end acoustic guitar 
there seems to be quite the argument over the mic sound vs. piezeos.  I 
a piezeo.  
The system placed into the Alvarez Yari is quite nice.  I don't care for 
pickups or any system mounted (god-forbid) across the sound hole.  

Good luck to you, as soon as you get your echoplex, you'll be doing solo 

Adios.  Oh by the way, I am producing the 3rd cd project.  Are you 

John Peters