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CD recorders

for any of those list members interested:

http://www.srtl.co.uk/srtl/cdr870.html   will provide info on this CDRW

US funds $600.00 for philips   pioneer puts out one for about $800.00 US

At 09:37 PM 1/12/98 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 98-01-12 17:17:49 EST, you write:
><< also ordered a stand-alone audio CDRW,,,a phillips 870....look forward 
> recording live gigs to CD...should be in next week... >>
>Im interested in purchsing a CDR recorder.Does the phillips 870 or all CDR
>recorders have rca ins or other?How much does the 870 cost?Is the 870 the 
>to go?
>Any infomation you guys can give me would be greatly appeciated.