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Time Machine Antics

>I happened across a used Digitech Time Machine (4 second delay) for 149.00
at a local guitar store that features used equipment.

I got my 7.6 Time Machine for $125 via the Recycler, a used equipment paper
(that's also ONLINE at http://www.recycler.com) back in 1992... and it's
still ticking!

>I long to join the ranks of loopers but can't spare the cash for a more
current looping device.

Thus my enthusiasm for the 7.6, given my own relatively destitute status.

>Can I create a loop or an infinite repeat with a time machine?

Most definately yes.  On the unit, with the loop set to be long, and the
feedback to the loop set all the way up, is the best way to recreate the
tape loop effect we all strive to achieve.  There are, mind you, only 16
layers in the unit, thus 16 cycles is ones limit with the loop open.

You must open the loop to put stuff into it - and remember to close it so
that everything you wanted to keep doesn't just cascade off the top of the
stack.  This is best achieved with a footpedal, though doable with the ol'
fingers on the front panel too.

>Is the time machine a valid entry point for creating a sort of meditative
atmospheric music.

>The clerk tried to steer me to a digital delay pedal ($125 with maybe 800
or 1600ms delay)  as opposed to the the time machine.  He described the 
machine as more appropriate for recording booth usage although that appears
to go against the discussions that I've seen in the loopers delight 

Pfeh and kibosh!  Let me be the first (or one of many) to invite you to my
website.  ALL of the music produced and posted at
http://www.earthlight.net/Studios is done using the 7.6 Time Machine in the
signal path.  Have a listen and you'll be able to tell if what I'm 
is close to what you want to hear in a looping device.

Stephen Goodman           * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios
EarthLight Productions     * Get the Loop Of The Week Free!