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Re: Tascam Digital Portastudio - MD Looping

>I read somewhere that the Tascam Digital Portastudio (a 4track MD device)
>can loop to 9.9 seconds.  Has anyone ever used it for looping?  Was it 
>to use as such with a foot pedal or not?  I ask because if i can do decent
>looping on it then id rather spend the money on it rather than a Plex. 
>way ill get a mixer and a good digital multitracker with looping 
>all in one.  Any opinions?

I have one of the 564 MD four-tracks, and I don't remember it having a 
looping option, but I'll check the manual tonight.  It does allow you to 
"loop" a section to rehearse punch-in's, but I don't remember there being 
looping features in the way that this list commonly defines them.

Travis Hartnett